mano che mostra un grappolo
Here is a presentation of the indigenous grape varieties and of the international ones grown by  Vignaioli del Morellino di Scansano in Maremma for the production of our wines.

Sangiovese – it is one of the most important red grape varieties in Italy, cultivated widely across the country with different clones and different results depending on the area of production. The clone that will be typically found in our area of Maremma is in fact called Morellino. Sangiovese can also be found abroad, in California or Argentina, for instance. Its origins are very ancient and it was supposedly already known to the Etruscans – Sangiovese may come from Sangue di Giove, Jupiter’s blood.

Wines in which you may find Sangiovese grapes

Alicante – this grape variety has its origins in France, and was created by Henri Bouschet who crossed the Grenache and Petit Bouschet varieties together. The result was a grape variety that is very rich in colour, which can be vinified by itself or used to add a richer colour to a blend. It can be commonly found in France and Spain. In Maremma it is used in the Morellino di Scansano Blend, allowed for a maximum of 15%.

Wines in which you may find Alicante grapes

Ciliegiolo – the origins of this grape varieties are not certain. According to some sources, it comes from Spain and it was brought to Tuscany – where it is mostly to be found now – by pilgrims returning from Santiago del Compostela in the second half of the Nineteenth century. More recent studies state that it might be in fact the father of Italian Sangiovese, with origins rooted in our country. In Italian, the word ciliegia stands for cherry, and in fact the name of this grape variety is due to its colour when the fruits are ripe. Once very popular, it was then mostly used throughout Tuscany in blend with Sangiovese but recently it is increasingly vinified by itself or as the main protagonist of a blend.

Wines in which you may find Ciliegiolo grapes

Vermentino – Vermentino is another grape variety of whose origins researchers still dispute. Some say it comes from Spain, others from France. For sure, it arrived in Italy already centuries ago and today it is cultivated in Northern Sardinia and on the coast of Tuscany, from the Apennines to our Maremma. The proximity to the sea helps this grape variety to give some beautiful marine and sapid notes to the wine.

Wines in which you may find Vermentino grapes

Trebbiano – while Sangiovese is the most widespread red grape variety in Italy, Trebbiano is its white counterpart. With its very long history, over the centuries it has adapted to each area where it grows and in particular in our area we find Trebbiano Toscano, which is in fact the most common, so much so that it is also allowed in some red blends such as Chianti. In particular, in our area of Maremma it gives life, together with Malvasia and other varieties, to Bianco di Pitigliano.

Wines in which you may find Trebbiano grapes

Malvasia – Some say the name Malvasia comes from the Greek port of Monemvasia, which was famous, in the Middle Ages, for its wines. After so many centuries the grapes you can find in Italy are much different from their Greek ancestors. In fact, Malvasia is one of those grape varieties that includes many different sub-varieties, from one end to the other, all of which have in common, however, a great aromatic and fruity character. For this reason it is often included in white blends to give that extra fruity note to the bouquet.

Wines in which you may find Malvasia grapes

Viognier – this white grape variety is most commonly found in France, in the Rhone valley but some say its roots go back to Croatia, in fact. It has a delicate aromatic characters and is usually used locally in a blend with other white grape varieties. With the introduction of Maremma Toscana Doc, however, we have selected a vineyard owned by one of our members from which the quality of the fruits was so good it was worth vinifying them separately. This is how our own 100% Viognier was born.

Wines in which you may find Viognier grapes

Other grape varieties used in small percentages
Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah


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