Wine making: from the vineyard to the cellar

Raccolta manuale delle uve
Manual harvest of the grapes

Each grape variety is gathered according to the indication given by our agronomist who visits the various vineyards throughout the harvest season and indicates to our members the best time when to pick the fruits. This in fact varies both with regards to the single grape variety – we usually start with the white varieties and then continue with the red ones, among which Sangiovese obviously stands out – and to the position of each vineyard and its peculiar characteristics. Once the grapes are harvested, they are taken to the cellar using carbonic snow in order to preserve them during the short journey.

raccolta meccanizzata delle uve e trasporto fino in cantina
Mechanized harvest and transport of the grapes to the winery

At this point, after a selection of the grapes, they are vinified in batches – this allows us to keep track of the different vineyards from which the base-wines originated.

Wine making of white and rosé wines

With regards to our white and rosé wines, after the low temperature, oxygen-free pressing, fermentation of the first pressing must takes place in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature (max 16°C). In this case there is no malolactic fermentation.

Macchine per la pressature delle uve
Pressing the wine

Wine making of red wines

Tini in acciaio inox per la fermentazione a temperatura controllata
Stainless steel tanks for fermentation at controlled temperature

Red wines, of course, follow a different process which starts with hot maceration (35°C) for 12 hours followed by fermentation at controlled temperature (max 27-29°C depending on the wine). Drawing off takes place after a few days of fermentation on the skins. Refining on fine lees continues until the natural malolactic fermentation is completed.

la bottaia, in cui riposano le nostre riserve
Our cellar where our reserves are kept in barrels

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