A perfect dish for those warm summer nights (especially in Italy), seafood panzanella is a rich and delicious variation on the classic panzanella. The concept of poor cuisine, based only on ingredients that can be picked from the kitchen garden, is lost but the result is a new interpretation full of taste. After all, classics need to be reinterpreted too, don’t they? This recipe was taken from Andrea Zanfi’s book Maremma in Pentola (Salvietti e Baruffi editori).


king prawns
diced tomato
finely chopped celery
salt and pepper to taste
extra virgin olive oil


Open the mussels and the clams in a large pot with a little water, a drop of extra virgin olive oil and some parsley. Meanwhile, blanch the prawns and king prawns in salted water and boil the squid. Once these ingredients are read, chop them together. Now wet the bread with the seafood cooking water and place it in a soup tureen. Season to taste with salt, add the seafood, celery, tomatoes and season with parsley, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

Matching wines

This richer version can be paired with white wines with a good structure such as Vermentino and Bianco di Pitigliano. Here are our recommendations.