Left to right, Paolo Gobbi, Sergio Bucci, Benedetto Grechi and Riccardo Fusini

Today the winery is composed of around 150 members, thirty per cent of whom are women. In fact, one could say it is composed of 150 families from Scansano and nearby. These are presided by our President, Benedetto Grechi, who is voted directly by our members, every three years. So far, Benedetto has been in charge for the past 30 years, which has allowed our winery to have a great coherence in its mission for quality. Benedetto currently is sided by two vice-presidents, namely Paolo Gobbi and Riccardo Fusini. And then there are the council members who meet regularly in order to take the most important decisions together.

What is fundamental, to us, is that all the members participate in the process, that they feel they are part of a larger team, of a larger structure. Over the last few years our members have set for them self stricter and stricter rules in order to improve the quality of our wines starting from the vineyard. This in fact has induced each one of our members even more part of a team.

alcuni soci durante la vendemmia
Some of the members of our winery at work during harvest season

Our other pride is the fact we have many young people among our members. Some have followed the steps of their fathers and mothers, some have returned to work in agriculture. This makes us very proud: it means that our mission of helping our territory by creating opportunities through our work is being accomplished. Though of course there is always space for improvement, we know we have taken the right direction.

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