Alessandro Fiorini durante un controllo in vigna
Agronomist Alessandro Fiorini during one of the numerous controls undertaken in the vineyards

Since the start, forty years ago, our mission has been to produce quality wines. The reason behind this choice was a very clear one: we want to represent our territory at its best, we believe our wines and our Morellino di Scansano Docg in particular can be ambassadors of what this part of Maremma can offer both to those who come to visit the region and to those who want to travel in their mind, by enjoying a glass of our wines from their home or from their favourite restaurant.

Quality, however, is not reached easily. There’s lots of work that goes in a glass, and not just when the harvest comes. As all our members know well, quality is an on-going process, one that starts in the vineyard and continues day after day, while each member looks after his vines, following the indications given by our agronomist according to the grape variety, the climate of the season and the characteristics of each plot of land.

Un momento dell'assemblea dei soci
A photo taken during one of the general assemblies in which our members take part

This is why our members follow strict regulations throughout the year: only in this way, the grapes they will bring to the winery, when harvest comes, will have the best possible quality. And of course hard work needs to be rewarded – it cannot just be expected. This is why it is important for us to classify the grapes when they arrive and to reward each member according to the quality of the grapes he produced. In doing this, we are happy to say we are among the Italian cooperatives that manage to pay more than others their members, distributing our profits to our members, and thus spreading the results of our work to 150 families who live in our territory.

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